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Review: Airbourne - Black Dog Barking
Release: 17.05.2013
Genre Spieldauer Label Vertrieb Land
Hard Rock 34:54 Roadrunner Records Warner Music GmbH
Australian hard rockers AIRBOURNE are making a 2013 return with their new studio album, titled "Black Dog Barking." AIRBOURNE have been taking on the music world since 2003 with their powerful combination of screaming vocals and heavy guitar work, which was heavily distributed throughout the band's previous two studio albums. When it comes to "Black Dog Barking," AIRBOURNE continue to do exactly what they have demonstrated to do best, and that is to create beer drinking, hell raising, ass kicking headbanging rock n roll anthems. The band doesn't take any risks with new sounds or experimental ideas, giving the old saying, if its not broke don't fix it, as they carry out a usual paced, hard hitting rock and roll sound. Whether it's the chosen lead single "Live It Up," the opening track "Ready to Rock," or the slightly AC/DC sounding "Firepower," showing their influences, you can't go wrong. Once again, AIRBOURNE deliver a fantastic collection of '80s style rock and roll songs that doesn't overstay it's welcome, and will have you singing and moving along to the choruses by the second listen.

To say lead vocalist Joel O'Keeffe has a vast vocal range would be an understatement. Although it does somewhat sound a bit reaching at times, Joel reaches insanely high notes throughout the entire album. The members of AIRBOURNE similarly provide some group backup vocals that bear a resemblance to DEF LEPPARD, which helps give "Black Dog Barking" a classic hair metal vibe.

AIRBOURNE give a continuously flawless performance throughout "Black Dog Barking" that any hard rock or hair metal fan would find worthwhile. The entire album is as to be expected from their earlier stuff, jammed with top tracks, but a few that stand out the most are "Firepower," "No One Fits Me [Better Than You]" "Back In The Game," "Black Dog Barking", "Cradle to the Grave" and "Live It Up"

For those of you wondering will they exceed expectations live as well as they do on this album or previous ones, they give you a sample of their 2011 live show from Wacken and carry out the same performance as they would in any studio

This album after 3-4 listens really grew on me, noticing more on each listen the vast variety of talent, the raw, beer drinking, hell raising, ass kicking, head banging, old school rock n roll sound that any glam, hair or old school Rock 'n' Roll fan will love.
(Autor: Darren K., Datum: 28.05.2013 10:19 Uhr) 
Bewertung des Autors : 8 von 10
Trackliste K√ľnstler  

01. Ready to Rock
02. Animalize
03. No One Fits Me (Better Than You)
04. Back in the Game
05. Firepower
06. Live It Up
07. Woman Like That
08. Hungry
09. Cradle to the Grave
10. Black Dog Barking

Nur Special Edition:
11. Jack Attack
12. You Got the Skills (To Pay the Bills)
13. Party in the Penthouse

Joel O'Keeffe - Guitar, Vocals
David Roads - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Justin Street - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ryan O'Keeffe - Drums

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